Dick Slips

Dick Slip True Stories

True stories of dick slip embarrassments from real guys.

"I went bicycling once on a hot day in loose shorts. I noticed some heads turn while I passed. So, I looked down and saw that my cock had gotten loose and was hanging out of one of the leg holes. Apparently, I had scandalized a pair of old ladies." Mr Big. *

"During mandatory swim time I had to wear the school required Speedos. Needless to say I was over packed. Thinking the cold water would ease my pain I dove in only to discover that it made things worse. The water, the girls and the tension brought me to a full erection. Then it was boys out, girls stay in. I was dizzy. What now? I had been spotted and all cleared the way for me. My towel 'disappeared'. Of course my elevated blood pressure only insured a full glory shot for all to see. I was already over the top of my Speedos so when I climbed out gravity made sure I fell out. Everyone was looking! I felt like a freak." - Field Rat*

"I had to sit on stage during a school presentation and it was a hot day. Well, I was sitting there, lolling about and I started to notice that the girls in the front row were giggling at me. I couldn't work out why until the next day when a friend told me my dick had escaped my boxers and I was flashing them. I was so embarrassed." - Shane

* These true stories are from the article You Can't Beat My Meat, which appears at For The Girls.