Ah, the dick slip.

That special moment when a dick accidentally falls out of a man's boxer shorts, or peeks out of his briefs. It's unplanned, sometimes undignified, and pretty damned sexy too!

This site aims to collect photos of public dick slips, sometimes known as "fall-outs". We'll be searching the web and the media for accidental genital revelations and bringing them to you, the eager dick-slip connoisseur.

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New pic!

Visit our Sports Dickslip page to see the enlargement of this pic. It shows a basketball player from the University of Texas defending at a March 2006 game. It looks like our man has lost control of his not inconsiderable assets. The photographer and journalist behind this pic, however, claim it's simply an optical illusion:

"The specific section of the picture in question showed nothing more than the white inside liner of the player's uniform. The color was distorted for a variety of reasons, primarily because of the angle at which the picture was taken, the lighting, orange color of the uniform on the left pant leg reflecting up into the groin area, and the specific moment that was captured." Full story here.

Apparently the player is wearing black spandex shorts beneath the red ones, making any dick slip impossible. Still, we can dream, can't we?

Why a "dick slip"?

It's a handy term to use when a man exposes his penis accidentally. Like a "nip slip" but male. It's sometimes been referred to as: a popout, a fallout, a penis slip (no, not the strapon dildo kind) or even a cockup.



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